• * Neurocystisercosis

  • * Age Related Dissemination

  • * Skin Disease, Pimples and acne

  • * Addiction

  • * Thyroid Problems

  • * Cardiac Insufficiancy

  • * Post - Menopause problems

  • * Liver disease (ALD/HEP-B/C)

  • * Diabities & its complication

  • * Hair Fall (Allopacia)

  • * Chronic Renal Faliure

  • * Obesity

  • * Fibrocystic Lung Disease

  • * Gynecological problem

  • * Tuberculosis

  • * Sinusitis

  • * Loss of libido

  • * Arthritis

  • * Pancreatitis

  • * Renel Stones

  • * Fibroid Uterus

  • * Heamarroids

  • * Lipomas

  • * Liver Cirrhosis

  • * Hodjkin's Disease

  • * Psoriasis

  • * Alchohal Abuse

  • * Duchenn's Muscular Dystrophy

At PANAH the doctors try to make people's life easier try to keep them away from side effects of various medicines such as pain killers and cortisone, metallic bhasms which affects your kidney and liver. Allopathic medicines when used for a longer period of time do poses a property of producing side-effects, PANAH looks into each and every possibility to eliminate the adverse effects of medicine such as anti-hyperglycemic ,antihypertensive medications, medicines used to treat certain hormonal disorders. Kindly make a note no use of animal or human waste of any kind is used in this therapy.

Doctors have been practicing this mode of science for past 15 years. Its foundation was laid by DR.K.M.L. SRIVASTAVA (M.B.B.S., M.A.G.S. (U.S.A.)). Presently carried by himself and son DR. ASHISH SRIVASTAVA (M.D. (PHYSICIAN)), with coordination of other doctors of specific field and specialty.

PANAH cares for the patient and try to provide the best possible treatment and advice for patient's betterment. An example to explain the concept of panah, if a patient is suffering from arthritis, the following steps are followed:

  1. Patient is asked to go for a blood test which would indicate his/her present condition giving the idea which drugs and in what quantity they are to be given.

  2. To cover the present symptoms Allopathic medicine is given. Simultaneously the PANAH pack comprising of homeopathic and ayurvedic medicines are given with naturopathic measures.

  3. After a span of initial 15 days patient is asked to pay a visit for physiotherapeutic consultation. The patient is either calledupon for physio settings or explained exercises to be done at home.

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